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Sep. 16th, 2012 03:46 pm
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NAME: Atticus Bell
FANDOM: Original
AGE: 21
GENDER: male
ORIENTATION: bicurious, but he identifies as homosexual

What I AM okay with: Just about anything not on the other list. Ping me with questions.
What I am NOT okay with: Scat, heavy gore, vore


Name: skidmo
AIM/PLURK/OTHER: skidmo (plurk)
EMAIL: PM through Atticus’ journal, please

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So, I knew this day was coming eventually, I'm just a little sad it's come so soon.

I've planned on moving Atticus (and all my other characters) over to DW for a while now, and I've mostly been holding out because a) ALL of my CR for Atticus is on LJ right now, and b) he still had some paid time to use up.

But his extra icons have expired, and his paid account is going in a couple days here, so it's looking like it's time to make the move. I don't intend to give LJ any more money, and I really don't want anyone else giving them more money on my behalf.

Just to be clear, I totally understand people who want to stay on LJ, and I have no problem with that. It's just not something I feel comfortable doing, and while this particular move was certainly precipitated by the infamous release 88, I've been having issues with LJ for a while now, and that was just the last straw.

I do not at all want to lose any of the lovely CR I have with folks over on LJ, but I'm definitely planning on moving over to DW pretty much exclusively. (I love my icons. I love my paid account features. And I definitely do not love how the new comment scheme on LJ lets you see all your icons as though they're still active, but displays your default every time you pick a nonactive one.)

If you'd like to play with Atticus over on DW, that would be awesome, of course :). Mostly he's just in SWS comms and Memebells, both of which exist (if slightly less actively) on DW. I will try to be better about posting links to his threads in his journal, which will cross-post to his LJ, but other than that, I do not have the brain power to keep up with him on two sites. Not with all the other characters I'm juggling as well.

(Atticus was probably the most difficult character to make this decision for. I love him so much, and I adore all his CR, and OCs are always difficult to build relationships from scratch for, especially outside of a proper game, but in the end, this is a decision that I made for all of my characters across the board, and for me, that has to include Atticus.)

So...yes. That's the future of Atticus Bell as it stands at the moment.


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